This is the part of the site where we (you?) talk about plants (and other things that you might come across in your garden that aren’t plants). One regular feature at our meetings was (and will be again, one day) “Plant of the Month”. So we’ve added Plant of the Month pages.

We’ve also added a more light-hearted “Bane of the Month”. This will feature articles about plants-n-things which we’ve come to regret planting (or thinging) for some reason.

Would you like to contribute a plant or a bane? Just take a photo or two (don’t worry if you can’t – we’ll try to find a photo in our image library – but if there’s no photo could you please make sure to mention the full botanical name of any plant. Then start an email to our web guru by CLICKING HERE. Attach your photo(s) to the email and in the text body of the message type what you’d like to say about the plant. If you prefer to write using something like Word, simply attach the Word (or whatever) file you create along with the photograph(s).

Plant of the Month Index

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