YouTube is a free to use service, provided by Google, and a can be a great space to discover things you like. Around 100 hours of videos are uploaded to the service every minute, covering just about every topic you could think of (and quite a few you couldn’t). Essentially, it’s paid for by advertising so, just like watching ITV, you’ll occasionally find your viewing interrupted by adverts. You can avoid these by paying around £12 a month for a premium subscription service but most people put up with the interruptions. Videos tend to run for between 5 and 15 minutes but sometimes you’ll come across ones that are an hour or more long.

Here, we provide links to a selection of channels that concentrate on gardening topics. Some will occasionally divert to other topics. You’ll find videos covering garden planning/design, reviews of tools and equipment, raising individual plants and just about every technique you could want to learn about. Dip your toes in the water and, before long, you’ll decide which channels are most appropriate for what you want to watch. When you find such a channel, you can “subscribe” to it so you can easily come back to it later and, optionally, get notified whenever the channel has added content.

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Bunny Guiness

Bunny Guinness lives in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in the UK. She has an honours degree in Horticulture from Reading University, is a qualified Landscape Architect and has been awarded six Gold Medals for her garden designs at the Chelsea Flower Show. For the last 45 years Bunny has designed gardens all over the world and has been a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time for over 20 years.

Candide Gardening

Candide helps you answer all your gardening questions, gives you inspiration and brings you to the best gardens across the world. They make videos every week to help everyone to experience the joy which can be experienced in growing plants. Join a growing community of gardeners who share knowledge, inspiration and questions.

Charles Dowding

Discover and enjoy these quicker and easier ways of growing and harvesting vegetables, based on 39 years of growing experience. Charles’ speciality is the no dig method, suitable for all soils. It results in fewer weeds, and vegetables plus flowers grow as well if not better than when soil is tilled or dug. And it’s good for climate change because no soil carbon is lost in tillage. His advice in these videos brings you harvests and pleasure in equal measure, so that everyone who wants to grow great food can do so, without unnecessary work.

Epic Gardening

This is a USA-based channel whose a simple mission is to help people around the world learn how to grow fresh, healthy food, no matter where they live.

Farmer Gracy

Farmer Gracy supplies world class flower bulbs, tubers and bare root plants online, including many unusual varieties you won’t get anywhere else! This channel will show you how to plant flower bulbs and bare-root perennials, whether you buy from them or elsewhere.

Garden Ninja

Lee Burkhill is a garden designer from Manchester. A regular on TV and radio (you may have encountered his mohawk hairstyle on the recent series of Garden Rescue on BBC TV), his channel provides practical gardening tips, design advice and reviews of some of the best UK gardens. He won the RHS & BBC Feel Good Gardens competition 2016 and showcased his winning garden ‘Fancy a brew take a pew’ garden at Hampton Court Flower show. He is also a Chelsea flower show award winning designer.

George’s Jungle Garden

Tropical plants, exotic gardening and growing through the UK seasons in a jungle garden in sunny North Lincolnshire. George demonstrates that it is possible to successfully grow tropicval plants in the UK climate and offers videos of favourite plants, growing tips and exotic garden design ideas.

Horti Hugh

Enjoy his short video clips on his gardening and outdoors endeavours, sharing and having a laugh about plants and other stuff from his garden in Ireland.

Huw Richards

For the last 15 years, Huw have been growing food in his family’s vegetable garden following organic and sustainable principles. He is now on a mission to help as many people as possible to grow their own food inexpensively. It is such a fun and rewarding process which he hopes everyone can experience. Growing food involves so many fun activities which can be as easy as you want. There is nothing better than harvesting some of your own homegrown produce.

Mossy Bottom

Cottage restoration, self-sufficiency and sustainable living on a smallholding in western Ireland!

National Garden Scheme

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors unique access to over 3,600 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales, and raises impressive amounts of money for nursing and health charities. During the lockdown of 2020 our ever resourceful garden owners created films of their gardens so we could keep the garden gates open online.

National Trust

The National Trust is not just about preserving historic houses. Its properties include gardens and it also maintains a lot of coastline. Among other content, this channel offers hints and tips from its garden staff and volunteers.


Videos from Perennial, the national charity helping people in horticulture and their families when faced with a life changing event, unexpected crisis or overwhelming challenge with free and confidential advice and support. The channel also showcases the three gardens which Perennial maintains.

Project Diaries

Project Diaries is an ever growing Gardening Community and information Youtube Channel based on projects  using free, very cheap or recycled materials. There are also make tutorials on How-to harvest seeds from food waste and grow many things from start to finish.

The Enduring Gardener

What started as a typical English Cottage Garden has in the last couple of years taken a modern turn. The Cottage Garden Style provides the perfect launchpad for a garden with few rules on colours, planting combinations or structure. A means to try whatever plant takes your fancy, time will tell whether they thrive or wilt away. This is still very much a young garden, a blank canvas a few years ago and as such is still evolving. There’s new areas planned and exciting plants to be discovered. Now wisteria flower, apple and pear trees fruit and box balls provide winter interest and structure. There’s a greenhouse to nurture tender seedlings and escape the worst of the British climate. The oak deck is a space to relax, kick off the gardening boots, fire up the barbeque and drink something cold.

The Middle-Sized Garden

Garden ideas, inspiration and tips that really work. Expert interviews and real life garden tours. By a journalist and author, who has worked for Britain’s top magazines & newspapers – Good Housekeeping, Harpers & Queen, The Daily Telegraph, The Times magazine and more. Based in a walled town garden ( 100ft x 80ft) and fitting gardening into a busy life, this channel is always on the lookout for ideas, tips and information to make gardening easier and your garden more glorious.