Weekend Trip to Lincolnshire (Postponed from June 2020 to June 2021)

It is still our intention to try to run the trip with the same, or very similar itinerary, in June. In which case full payment would be required by the end of March. We are checking that Edwards and the hotel are able to accommodate us. On the issue of safety, which is paramount, the fact that vaccines for SAR-Cov2 are now available and being rolled out gives us hope that this might be possible. However, it could be that by the end of March indications are such that June will be too early for case numbers of the virus in the general population to have reduced to very low numbers and for all members to have been vaccinated for it to be judged safe to do the trip then. It could be that later in the year might be a better option, September, and this preferable to postponing to June 2022 as most of us are feeling rather ‘starved’ of the enjoyable activities of visiting beautiful gardens, buying plants and socialising with fellow minded people. A further update will be issued as soon as possible, but please feel free to contact us with any feedback.

As on previous trips we hope, as in these pictures from 2018, to visit lovely gardens, enjoy lunches and tea & cakes in beautiful surroundings and return home as usual with a bus load of plants, and if spaces are spare possibly some inside, even a tree?!