In this section of the site, we’re looking at gardens – their web sites where you can get information on a garden you’re thinking of visiting, ways in which you might take a virtual tour of a garden and some of our members’ gardens.

If you want to find other resources on the internet where you might find things like tips and tricks, directories of specialist plant societies or information on plants, have a look at our “Elsewhere on the Web” section.

We’ve divided this section of the site into a number of beds and borders. Click on a link below to open one of them. (Links are in red.)

  • Garden/horticultural organisations – here you’ll find links to organisations that, amongst other things they do, offer a range of garden-visiting opportunities, whether real or virtual. They will often have lists of gardens to visit.
  • Garden web sites – these are sites offered by individual gardens. Because of the mountain of work we’d otherwise fall off, we’ve limited the list to Welsh gardens.
  • Virtual gardens – a growing number of gardens which are currently closed due to Covid-19 rules have produced virtual tours which you can view on your computer/tablet/smartphone. We’ve included those for which you don’t HAVE to pay though, in many cases, donations (usually to charity) are suggested. The listings here may also appear in other lists we’re offering.
  • Members gardens – these will be pages (rather than links) in which our members talk about their gardens, with our without photos or videos. The number of gardens listed depends entirely on our members!

These listings will always be a work in progress, of course. There may only be a few items in a list at the moment but we’ll add more as quickly as we can.