Subscriptions 2021

Subscriptions of £6 per person per annum are due on 1st April.  However, this year, as we have been able to offer members so little since Covid19 arrived, we propose to make them optional.  At present we have about £3400 in the bank.  Our expenses are very low at present, mainly printing and posting the newsletter.  Our income has also been low; mainly subs and £370 plant sales (mainly by Jan Thomas), which aren’t always possible.  However, we need to keep in hand about £2000 in case we need to repay deposits for the weekend trip, and I would be unhappy about embarking on a normal programme without enough in hand to pay for it (hall hire and speakers’ fees).

Consequently, it will be very helpful, and we will be very grateful, if you do continue to pay subs, but we will not be chasing up anyone who forgets or chooses not to.

Susan Lewis, Treasurer