Sunday 16 February 2020

Blackthorn Nursery Through the Seasons – July to October

NB. WE MEET ON SUNDAY THIS MONTH in case you hadn’t noticed!

In January 2019, Jon spoke to us about Blackthorn Nursery in June. So many members asked for a repeat performance that we invited him back!

Blackthorn Nursery has now been converted to a private garden. It is never open to the public, but Jon has been privileged to visit them regularly since 2012. This is an opportunity to see what can be grown in the open garden in South Hampshire by a couple of exceptional plantsmen. Jon takes all his own photos and is back for the second half of his earlier talk (Glorious June) by popular request.

lives and gardens on the north side of the Hogsback on the border between Hampshire and Surrey, on a heavy clay soil. He is a long standing member of the AGS and has been treasurer of its Woking group for many years. He is especially interested in bulbs of all sorts, particularly those from South Africa, and is progressing slowly towards his Gold Medal at shows, at the rate of roughly one first per year.

However, he is best known within the AGS as an enthusiastic amateur photographer. For about 10 years he was responsible for organising the artistic and photographic section of the AGS shows around the country, and also for organising the show photography. During this period, he set up and ran the AGS Digital Image Library. He is still actively involved in plant photography, both at shows (he visits many shows each year to catalogue the extraordinary achievements of the exhibitors) and in gardens both public and private, and he makes regular outings to view and photograph wild flowers in the UK. You’ll find his work (including lots more photographs of Blackthorn Nursery in the AGS Photographer’s Diary.

Local nurseries will be selling plants at the meeting.

As with all our meetings, kick off is at 2.00 pm at the Williams Memorial Hall in Coychurch, Bridgend. Click HERE for a location map (note that the miracle that is Google shows the red locator in the wrong place – look for the grey one below and to the left of the red one).

We entertain the speaker to lunch at the nearby White Horse pub (look above and a way to the right of the red marker for location info) before the meeting. Anyone is welcome to join us. Please aim to arrive by 12.15.