Officers and Committee

Chair:  Edith Morgan [contact by email]

Secretary: Chris Moon [contact by email]

Treasurer & Membership Seretary: Susan Lewis [contact by email]

Committee Members: Jean Baker, Elaine Horton, John Kingdon, Catherine Ramsay

A Note from the Chair

Well, here I am, in the Chair again, I can’t believe that it’s three years since I stood down. John has been doing a sterling job, especially during this last, difficult year. It is thanks to his technological expertise that we have been able to stay in virtual touch.

In the garden, the Hamamelis are in full, fragrant, bloom and the Hellebores are strutting their stuff, in defiance of the foul weather of the past few weeks. Every day a new snowdrop appears to remind me that spring is just around the corner.

A new gardening year begins, and I look forward to long sunny days with my trowel in my hand. And so, my friends, stay safe, stay well and keep gardening.

Edith Morgan

Committee Change

Claire Jenkins has tendered her resignation from the Committee after many years of service to the group, particularly in organizing our annual plant sales in Cowbridge. Claire is now in the process of closing down her nursery business and that, combined with other things she’s got on her plate at the moment, is taking up all her time.

Of course, this means that we now have not only one officer vacancy (Susan Lewis is doubling up as Membership Secretary) but also two ordinary Committee members. It’s actually more difficult to keep the group going “virtually” than it is to organize monthly meetings in Coychurch. So we’re asking you all to consider volunteering to join the Committee.