Contribute to the Site

Unless you’re Sue Dockerill or John Kingdon, most of what you’re looking at on this site has been written by someone else, i.e. not you! Well Sue and John are taking a break and leaving it to others to write the content for the site. And those “others” include YOU!

John will be publishing any new content to the site but he won’t be writing it any more.

So how do you see your name in lights? Simples.

  • If you want to write something, bang it out as a Word document or a simple text document or as the body of an email message. Please, though, no PDF format files. John can handle anything else but could well throw a wobbly fit if he encounters a PDF. (This is because PDF files don’t work as web pages, only as documents attached to web pages and if you send in a PDF, John won’t be writing the web page to attach it to!)
  • If you want to provide pictures (photos, drawings) send them as email attachments. Doesn’t matter what the format is (e.g, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PCX). Again, John can handle the lot but please don’t embed the pictures into a Word or other file; send them as independent attachments to the email. (Extracting embedded photos from text files is a real pain and often just doesn’t work).

So let’s say you want to write something about a plant for the Plants section of the site. You’ll write some text which, if it isn’t the email body, will be something like a Word document that you’ll attach to the email. Then you’ll have a photo or two (or six) and you attach those to the same email. SEND THAT EMAIL TO if you click the webmaster bit it’ll open a blank email, pre-addressed for you to get going). Incidentally, it’s OK if you do embed photos in the Word document to show where you’d like them to appear but please ALSO send them as separate attachments; then John can use the text in the file and ignore the embedded images.

It’s that easy.

Some ideas for things to send in:

  • As the example above, an article about your favourite plant (if you’ve got several favourite plants, why not send in several articles, say every month or two). Describe why you like it, how you grow it and how to look after it.
  • Share your garden. We can make a page about your garden and you can then send in photos of it for others to see. This may be a one-off collection or you might want to send in photos, say, every month to show how it changes through the seasons. You don’t have to write anything to go with the photos unless you want to. That might be a one-off general introduction or a quick description of what’s in the photos you send in.
  • News about what you’re doing. Have you visited another garden? Would you like to tell us about your experience, what you thought of it, and maybe send in some photos taken when you visited. Are you planning to open your garden for charity?
  • Have you bought something like a hedge trimmer that you’d like to review so that other members can think about getting one or not getting one, based on your experience. Or you might want to tell us about a book you’ve read.
  • Did you participate in the latest World Naked Gardening Day? Send us some pics.

The world’s your oyster. Anything to do with gardens and gardening.