Group News

In this bit of the site, we’ll put general news about the group that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

Our AGM is due in April. Last year we were forced to hold a virtual AGM and the Committee feel that we shouldn’t do this two years in a row. As we won’t be able to meet in Coychurch just yet, they’ve decided to delay the meeting until the Autumn when, given progress on vaccinations, there’s hope that we’ll be able to get together once again.






Round of Applause Please

A Big thank you to Jan Thomas who has been selling plants from her garden gate to raise funds for our group. As well as plants she has grown herself,  she’s been selling plants from our late member June Jenkins. Jan raised a whopping £307.

We look forward to the time when we can meet again – who knows, with the prospect of vaccines, we may be returning to Coychurch sooner than we might have otherwise hoped – and Jan can return to her normal activity of beating members with her virtual hammer as she sells raffle tickets at meetings.

Meanwhile, here’s a little reminder of her happy smile (which gets wider when she wields that hammer).


Many of you will remember Barbara Thorp who was an active member of the group for many years. Her husband, Charles, has now decided to downsize and has generously donated her collection of books to the group in the hope that we can sell them to raise funds. A list of the books can be found here.

We’re not setting prices per book but, rather, inviting members to make an offer. Practically, of course, the cost of posting books would be prohibitive but we’re hoping to find a way to get them to those who would like to have them, in return for a donation. Please get in touch with Sue Dockerill if you’re interested in acquiring a book or two and we’ll go from there.