Group News

On this page, we’ll put general news about the group that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

Member’s Garden Visit

 A group visit was arranged for the 22nd May to Helen Porters garden at Llanilterne. A successful afternoon was had. Altogether we raised £27.50 book sales and £175.50 plant sales.

Plant Sale

We haven’t been able to organise our usual annual plant sale in Cowbridge in either 2020 or 2021 so instead we took a stall at the Cowbridge Physic Garden sale on Saturday 10th July. This is (normally)held twice a year, in April and July, in the Physic Garden from 10 to 3. It always has a good selection of nurseries and is a popular event.

The weather was perfect on the day and there were plenty of customers.  We had a good day, sold most of our plants and made £167.50