Yvonne Roberts – Neath Port Talbot

Yvonne regularly arrives at meetings laden with a tray of plants for our plant raffle. She also regularly takes photos around her garden and sends them to friends. And one of those has suggested that we should share them with everyone. So here they are. Most recent first.

May 2021

I got this plant from when we visited Bob Brown’s nursery. It is called Tropeolium. I do not know the second name. I hope I spelt it right.

It has been with me for years. You can’t get rid of it. Not that I want to. I went to Singleton park , and  right by the hot houses outside I saw it. So it will grow outside.

My Tibochina that I dream of. I have pinched the top out. Ivor must be fed up of me talking about it. It is the best one I have had in all the years I have been buying it from Lidl.

One year it looked so bad that I asked for a reduction. He said no and I asked what the true price Was which was only two pounds. So I did buy it and it died.

April 2021

It has been here for fifty years. It is only half a tree, as the man next door did not want it as the crab apples were a nuisance. He wanted to chop my side down, but it is part of my life..

In the winter the birds eat the fruit. I can see them  from my bedroom. To me birds are very important.

What my neighbour does not know is the tree will grow back.

When we had a new roof the roofer had to chop it down. He only chopped the top half , as it is my clothes line. The tree is called a Malus.

December 2020

November 2020