Hardy Chrysanthemums

I have for many years grown hardy chrysanthemums. These tend to be mainly the single forms. Over the years several varieties have come my way, unfortunately most have expired. The survivors I still have and consider hardy. Just remember the slugs like to eat them early in the year and take measures to prevent them feasting. The plants like reasonable drainage in an open sunny position and benefit from being divided every few years in the spring.

Mine are just coming into flower as I write this at the end of October, they are a bit later than usual this year. Good for picking through most of November as they last well in water. For a good late flowerer, you cannot do better than Golden Greenheart.

I still have two varieties growing that I grew in my gardens in the Cotswolds in the 1980. Like a lot of the best plants we grow I’ve never had names for them, one is a good clear pink and does the rounds as Elaine’s pink, the other is an early flowered peachy-apricot colour (I think it might be Perry Peach). There are lots of colours in the autumn colour range useful for the time of year. A good white is named Wedding Day, it is not particularly hardy but worth protecting over winter. A few years ago, a white single appeared in my garden and is very hardy. It is sold under the name of Elaine’s Hardy White, having been spotted by two of our nurseries.

Elaine Horton