Susan Lewis’ Garden – Carmarthenshire

Susan invited the group to visit her garden in September 2020. Catherine Ramsay said it was a wonderful afternoon for the 14 that were able to attend, enjoying the activities that we love and have been denied for so long, viewing a beautiful garden, buying plants, tea & cake and most of all to see and talk to each other. The weather was fairly kind, although those of us coming from Cowbridge had a bit of a scare on the way when there was completely unforecast rain and no-one had brought coats and the boot that might have had an umbrella or two having been cleared to bring plants! But the rain stopped just as we arrived and by the end of the afternoon the sun came out. The garden was full of interesting plants looking wonderful, especially the many and varied hydrangeas. Thanks to Susan for hosting, to Sheila’s daughter for the delicious cakes and members for bringing and buying plants on which we raised £64.

Catherine managed to remember to take a few photographs.

Susan also took a selection of photos of individual plants in her garden. Click on any of the small photos in the gallery below to open a larger image. Depending on how you’re viewing this page, to get back to it from any of the larger photos, look for an X in the top right hand corner of the photo and click that or click your browser’s back button.

*OK, we got Susan to take the photos.