In the Beginning ….

We all start somewhere and this is the start of our blog. If someone starts a gardening blog, they usually provide a run-through of their garden. So we’ll start with a “what you can expect” at a typical group get-together. Which seems a friendlier way of saying “meeting”.

Eager beavers assemble. We’re supposed to kick off at 2.00 pm but, of course, the hall has to be set up before then. So a group of willing hands used to turn up at 1.45. But others turned up and it’s no fun setting out chairs when people are getting in the way. So we turned up a bit earlier. And earlier. Here, we’re still getting ready at 1.20…..


There are always plants for sale at our meetings. If our speaker runs a nursery, or knows someone who does, they’ll usually bring plants. Otherwise our own nursery-owning members take the chance to drum up a bit of trade.


And from the other end.


We’re into recycling. There’s always a selection of magazines, sometimes books, which members have read and bring along for others to choose. Sometimes a magazine will appear on the table for several months as different members borrow it and bring it back.


And there’s a raffle. Some members donate plants they grow specially whilst others who are splitting established plants will pot up the bits they have no room for. Often the prize selection includes something unusual. Sometimes the plant will be filling a 5 litre pot! Our height record (for a donated shrub) stands at 3 feet. Now and then other items like garden tools (new) and books (new or nearly) get donated as prizes. Always a good selection.


The talks – a short “Plant of the Month” talk is given by one of our members and is followed by our star turn (see programme) – start at around 2.30. We say “around” because the actual time is normally dictated by the sight of the queue at the plant sales tables diminishing to the few who can’t make up their mind and who, if left alone, will continue to not make up their mind for another hour! By around 3.45 it’s time for a cuppa, a chat, the raffle drawing and another chance to snap up a plant or two (if you can make your mind up) before we gradually leave to get a bit of gardening in before it gets dark.


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