HPS South Wales Group Website Update: February 2021


This email is to let you know that we’ve updated our web site. Here’s a clickable list which will take you direct to the bits that have changed. If your email client supports this, the clickable bits will look different from the rest of the text. We think they’ll appear in blue but who knows the secrets of Google, Hotmail and the rest. Hope you enjoy.

Members will have recently received their latest bumper newsletter and this is a bumper update to go with it. We’ve been told that some subscribers didn’t receive the December update email so we’ve included details here (we’ve been told that the bug somewhere out there that caused this issue has been fixed). We didn’t get round to updating in January so we’re now including two month’s worth of new content.

Our subscriber count has grown a fair bit in the last few months. Welcome to newbies. We don’t know who you are but we can see where you are; well not exactly where but which country you’re from. So a special greeting goes to our first United States subscriber!

Navigation Changes

We’ve been told that some menus were getting too long to work properly on some devices that people use to visit the site. So we’ve changed the menus under “Plants-n-Things”. The first drop-down will link to index pages for Plant of the Month and Bane of the Month on which you’ll find previous posts. The sub-menus will only now show the most recent posts.

New Pages

We’ve added:

About the Group

The Group in the National Newsletter

Plant of the Month:

December 2020: Fatsia japonica

January 2021: Daphne “Perfume Princess”

February 2021: Camellia

February 2021: Narcissus cyclamineus


Our next Zoom talk on 13 March

Updated Pages

We’ve added a message from our Chair and a change in the committee to the Officers and Committee page

An announcement about this year’s AGM in Group News

We’ve updated the information about the planned weekend in Lincolnshire

We’ve updated the Members’ Garden Visits page

An announcement about subscriptions for 2021

We’ve added a new site to Members’ Web Sites

Yvonne added a photo to her garden page (this was a December update for those who didn’t get the email)

We’ve added several organisations to the National Plant Societies page