We’re back!

We’re meeting again at the Williams Hall, Coychurch, and meetings start at 2.00 pm.

Please note social distancing measures will be in place and face protection must be worn except when you are sitting in your seat. We will not be providing teas and coffees so please bring your own drink with you if you want.

We plan to hold a plant raffles at meetings and donations (of plants) will be very welcome.


Saturday 20 November 2021: Rob Evans from Pheasant Acre Plants will be talking about Summer Bulbs and Tubers




It’s been a while since we were last able to update this web site, because of technical difficulties so there have been a lot of changes as we’ve caught up. Please have a browse through the menus above to see what’s new. In particular, we’ve added a lot of new content in the “Elsewhere on the Web” section of the site. We’ve reorganised the “Plants” section which is now ordered alphabetically rather than on a Plant of the Month basis and we’ve added some plants. Other pages which have changed are:

Group News


Weekend Trip to Lincolnshire

Yvonne’s Garden

There have been other changes in the background which might change the way the site works/looks on your device. For most people, things should be better but there are likely to be a (very, very) few for whom things may not work properly. This is unavoidable, sorry. John has provided an explanation of these changes for those who are interested, which you can read by clicking HERE.