You may have noticed that we have not updated this site for several months. This has been due to technical issues. Whilst we do not know WHO visits the site, we can see WHAT visits it. By “what” we mean the combinations of DEVICES (computers, tablets, smartphones, even smart televisions!), OPERATING SYSTEMS (Windows/Apple/Android/Linux in their various versions) and APPLICATIONS (browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Amazon Silk). To avoid lots of words, we’ll call the combination of these three “KIT”.

As time marches on, kit gets updated. New devices roll off the manufacturing lines and manufacturers stop supporting older ones. Operating systems are updated with new or improved features and the new versions replace the old. In a sense, it’s like a dictionary to which new words are added all the time. Older dictionaries don’t contain the new words. So new “words” are added to computer language and older computers cannot understand them and stop working properly.

We can see that a small number of fairly regular visitors are using kit which can best be described as obsolete (e.g. combination of computer, Windows 7 operating system and Google Chrome browser – a combination that shouldn’t actually work at all!). In order to make the site work for these people, we have held off updating the kit that makes the site work at our end. But it is now clear that we cannot continue to do this. At the modern end. keeping the site “old” means that it doesn’t necessarily work on new kit as we, or the users of that kit, would expect. Finally, we need to update the site kit in order to be able to update the site itself. So we’re now biting the bullet and starting the process of bringing everything at our end into compliance with current rules with which all web sites should conform. Because we’re doing this in our spare time, it will take a week or two to complete.

Once we’re there, most of what we’re doing will be in the background but there will be some changes to the way the site looks and works. We’ll explain these changes once we make them live. The biggest change will affect only the few who are using “obsolete” kit. For them, things may no longer work or may work in a way that we cannot predict. We’re sorry about that but we cannot avoid it; nor will we be able to help you other than to advise that you will need to think about updating the kit you are using.



HPS Logo with infill of images. Decorative.

The Group was formed in 1989 and it has grown steadily since then with members spread right across South Wales.

Before Covid-19, we used to hold events approximately monthly. Indoor meetings from Autumn through to late Spring/early Summer and then trips and garden visits during the Summer.

While we can’t meet physically indoors at the moment, we are keeping the situation under review and will reintroduce meetings into our programme as soon as we are able. We will also look to arrange outdoor get-togethers as rules allow. In the meantime, we are developing this site as a way to keep in touch with our members as well as to let non-members know we are here and you’re welcome to join us, virtually at the moment.

Please feel free to look around.